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What’s a Mass Air Movement Sensor?



A mass air transfer sensor is a vital component in engines which profit from gasoline injection instead of carburettors. Mass airflow sensors, or MAF sensors for temporary, measure the density of the air passing by an engine’s consumption and report again to the ECU (engine management unit) laptop computer, allowing it to ship the right amount of gasoline by the injectors and into the combustion chambers. Air density changes based totally on temperature, altitude and utilizing pressured induction, so it may be essential for gasoline injected engines to ready to study air density and regulate the amount of gasoline delivered by the injectors accordingly. Gasoline monetary system, engine power and fundamental acceptable engine operation depend on sustaining the correct air/gasoline ratio. A faulty MAF sensor can rob an engine of power and gasoline monetary system along with inflicting it to idle incorrectly and stall.

Sorts of Mass Air Flow into Sensor

Transferring Vane Meter

Older gasoline injected engines use what’s usually often known as a shifting vane MAF sensor. On this configuration, the sensor accommodates a small vane/door/flap which is pushed open by the air passing by the engine’s consumption. By measuring how quite a bit the vane is opened by the consumption air the sensor is able to work out the transfer of air coming into the engine by the consumption. It then relays this knowledge to the ECU which adjusts the gasoline delivered to the injectors accordingly.

Drawbacks of Shifting Vane MAF Sensors

  • Design restricts airflow which limits the amount of power an engine can produce.
  • Shifting mechanical and electrical parts are weak to fatigue and would possibly fail additional usually than totally different MAF sensor designs.
  • It could be powerful to look out an awesome place to mount the sensor in a tightly-packaged engine bay.

Scorching Wire MAF Sensor

On this configuration a platinum wire is suspended throughout the path of the consumption airflow by which a gift is handed at a relentless voltage. As a result of the wire’s temperature will improve its electrical resistance moreover rises. The air shifting by the engine’s consumption passes over the wire and cools it which lowers its electrical resistance. The sensor then converts this distinction in resistance to an indication that the ECU can understand, allowing it to alter the amount of gasoline despatched to the injectors and holding the air/gasoline ratio as close to optimum as potential. Scorching wire MAF sensors are additional right than shifting vane sensors and are found on additional modern fuel-injected engines.

Benefits of Scorching Wire MAF Sensors

  • No airflow restriction on account of the sensor doesn’t rely on a small gate being pushed open, merely air shifting over and former a wire.
  • Responds additional quickly and exactly to altering air density/transfer than vane mannequin.
  • Smaller bundle deal, doesn’t ideas the place it’s mounted as quite a bit.
  • No shifting parts indicate that it’s additional sturdy.


  • Mud and oil can hook up with the wire and damage its accuracy. Explicit MAF sensor and electronics cleaners must be used if the sensor wire turns into dirty as carburetor and brake cleaners might be too sturdy and extra damage the sensor wire.
  • Skinny and delicate platinum wire might be damaged if handled incorrectly.

Chilly Wire MAF Sensors

Works like a scorching wire system, nevertheless offers a second chilly wire to supply a baseline learning with which the current wire’s learning might be in distinction. This allows the sensor to supply a additional right learning of the density of air passing by the engine’s consumption.

Indicators of a Failing or Damaged MAF Sensor

  • Working rich at idle (an extreme quantity of gasoline throughout the gasoline/air mixture.
  • Working lean under load (too little gasoline throughout the mixture when the driving drive’s foot is on the gasoline pedal)
  • Decrease in gasoline effectivity
  • Powerful, uneven idle the place the engine refuses to stay at a superb RPM.
  • Stalling