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Salmon Jerky Pet Treats

Now you can make a vital choice for your four-legged friends, too!

Our Wild Salmon Pet Jerky Squares provide pure wild Alaskan sockeye salmon and all-natural, certified-organic ingredients.


  • Wild Salmon + organic seasonings*
  • No byproducts, fillers, or rendered materials
  • No nitrites or artificial additives/preservatives
  • Sustainably harvested wild Alaskan salmon
  • Product of USA (Alaska)

Like humans, dogs and cats need omega-3 fats to support overall health and enable optimal health.

Yet, as well as using inferior ingredients, many commercial pet foods are high in omega-6 fatty acids and low in omega-3s … an imbalance that promotes and sustains damaging inflammation.

So adding omega-3s to your pet’s diet is a very good idea, and our jerky treats provide thsoe, plus extra protein!

Each re-sealable bag contains more than a dozen moist, chewy pieces of wild sockeye salmon “jerky”.

*NOTE: Members of the allium family (e.g., garlic and onions) — especially onions — can be harmful to the minority of genetically susceptible dogs and cats, if consumed in significant quantities. Our Treats contain garlic and onion powder in tiny amounts that veterinarians consider very safe for virtually all dogs and cats.

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